Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Another month went by a like a blur and another year is about to end. Just as we start hearing the Christmas carols being played on the radio, we knew that the songs herald the holiday season and remind us that a new year is fast approaching.

The holiday bazaar and the artists’ holiday sale officially kicked off the holiday season on island. Interesting gift items were put on display for sale and residents were able to get interesting items. No matter how expensive or how affordable the gifts may be, still nothing compensates for the joy these gifts may bring to loved ones.

Talking about the holiday season, the island’s holiday celebration culminates in a grand feast as we serve the best of our homemade cooking. Aqua Resort Club’s executive chef Hubert Friedle shares with our readers an Angus beef recipe that can be served on Christmas day or any other special occasion.

Those who opt to just dine out on special occasions or on any other ordinary day, IL Magazine recommends that they try sampling the authentic Chinese cuisine at Happiness Chinese Restaurant in Garapan.

For this month’s special feature of IL Magazine, we bring you one of the busiest photographers: Hideo Honda. Hideo, who had previously been to the island before he located in 2004, has chosen to live on Saipan and call it his second home. With a pristine environment, Saipan offers Hideo an environment conducive to the prodigious display of his artistry and professionalism. Despite the slowing down of the economy on island, Hideo is looking at staying on Saipan where he believes he can fully reach the potential of his chosen profession.

Our sincerest gratitude goes to Aqua Resort Club’s Yoshimi Yanagisawa for helping translate for us our interview with Honda-san.

IL Magazine also continues its feature of the Humanities Council’s history institute. The third part of the series discusses the lecture given by Humanities Council’s assistant executive director and program officer Scott Russell who talked about the Japanese administration of the islands. Tun Juan Blanco also joined Scott Russell to give a rare oral witness account to the Nanyo Cho Period.

A mainland writer and publisher Doug Westfall shares with the islanders his article about Howland Island—the island where Amelia Earhart was supposed to make a short stop before heading to Hawaii to complete her world flight on July 2nd 1937.

It’s been a remarkable year for all of us. Another year is almost through and another one is waiting to begin. Let us welcome the coming year with the hope that things will get better for all of us.

Happy Holidays!

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