Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soldiering on!

It has been close to two years since the Island Locator Magazine folded and this writer has moved on to doing other publications.

As there are several followers of the blog from off island who would like to hear more about what's happening on Saipan or in the Northern Marianas, it behooved this writer to revive this blog and expand this to include other publications where this writer's articles and photographs are published.

From time to time, this blog will also include features on people, places, and events that matter to the islanders.

This writer hopes the readers will continue to support the blog and actively take part in making this a forum where we can all freely exchange constructive criticisms and creative ideas.

The blog welcomes comments from the readers who may encounter errors in either grammar or fact.

Please feel free to inquire or suggest. This is our blog.

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