Friday, May 9, 2008

April - May Issue - NMC Special Issue

Aristotle once said, “The roots of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet.” In the case of the Northern Marianas College, for so many years, some thought of it as a bitter pill to swallow only to realize later on that indeed, the islands must have a college.

In this issue, we would like to acknowledge the efforts invested by those who have made the college the institution that it is today. Those who took part in what was a seemingly Sisyphusian struggle in the beginning, those who have already gone, and those who are still here, deserve a long-overdue recognition.

On our cover is a mosaic of photos of the Northern Marianas College through the years comprising a conspicuously familiar image—the NMC logo. NMC would not have become such an institution if not for the many brave souls who for decades forged a common goal of making higher learning available to the islanders. As a result, islanders need not go far to have access to higher education.

In this issue, we encourage the readers, especially those prospective college enrollees, to see what the college has to offer. With better funding, well-trained and highly educated faculty, and competitive academic programs, the college remains a fertile ground for the incoming students to nurture their skills and talents to their full potential.

Just as much as the commonwealth is winnowing down problems after problems, the college too is fighting battles of its own. Just as the island community has been its shield and source of strength, the college continues to rely on the community’s undivided and full support in facing its personal battles. Engaging the battles in her lonesome would be a losing proposition. However, if all the members of the community pitch in and contribute, nothing is impossible to accomplish. No mountain is too high and river too wide for a college bent on providing a better future for the islanders.

Let us have faith in Northern Marianas College, our homegrown educational institution. Like a ship negotiating a squall out in the sea, the college too will soon find a safe anchorage riding on the winds of the community’s full and unequivocal support.

Happy reading!

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