Saturday, April 26, 2008

VFW Saipan Post Reception

Commander Doody expressing his gratitude for the hafa adai hospitality extended to him and his crew.

Crew members pose for the magazine at the VFW Post headquarters

From left, Mariano Fajardo, Commander Ovios, Ruth Coleman, and Lt. Gov. Villagomez

VFW Post commander Mariano Fajardo also hands out a plaque of appreciation to both commanders.

Commanders Doody and Ovios meet the wife of the lt. governor.

Lt. gov. Villagomez gives Commander Doody a plaque of appreciation in behalf of the CNMI Government.

USS Columbus Commander Doody poses with Lt. Gov. Timothy Villagomez after handing him a commemorative plaque.

Members of the VFW Saipan Post welcomed the officers and crew of USS Columbus and USS Ingraham at their Beach Road headquarters.

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