Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dear Readers:

In this issue, IL Magazine endeavors to prove that youth is not wasted on the young—sometimes.

For our cover story, we’re proud to share the story of nonresident worker Jacqueline Hernandez, or Jaq to her friends. She’s a living testimony that youth is not wasted on the young. A gold mine of a talent, Jaq has accomplished so much at such a young age. She has proven to all and sundry that age, gender, and race are insignificant in pursuing art as a career. To get to where she is at, Jaq had to experience being shunned away by older students when she expressed her intent to join their art class; discouraged by her mother to go to a prestigious art school; defied poverty to obtain a fine arts degree; and countered doubts by some in her talent. She triumphed against the odds and now truly deserves to be recognized for the efforts she invested in her work.

Our cover, one of Jaq’s favorite photographs, shows a young islander pulling a canoe to shore. The image itself epitomizes the struggles that Jaq herself had to face in her pursuit of creating a name in the art profession.

For our arts/culture section, IL Magazine welcomes the article of Josh Segismundo from Guam. Segismundo writes about a universal pastime of the youth—music.
Readers, we also encourage you to watch Voices of the Marianas’ latest production—“Play Buffet”— set to conquer the stage on March 7th at the American Memorial Park Theater. Commiserate, celebrate or identify with the stories of people from various cultures and social backgrounds.

California publisher Douglas Westfall digs into his trove of World War II stories and photographs to come up with images and stories about Saipan in 1944.

Crusader for animal welfare Katie Busenkell encourages the readers to become volunteers for PAWS while Ken Kramer talks about saving Saipan.

Last but not the least, IL Magazine invites the public to find out if 360 Revolving Restaurant is truly the most romantic spot on island. With great views and delectable meals, 360 offers fine dining at very reasonable cost. If New York has its Empire State Building, on Saipan, IL Magazine thinks 360 is a good alternative.

Readers, it’s our pleasure to share this issue with you. We hope you’ll find this issue another must-read, must-keep issue.

Enjoy reading!

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