Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Environmental Health issues results of inspections

THE Bureau of Environmental Health, in a media release, says it conducted sanitary inspections in Dec. 2007 at the following retail, eating and drinking establishments and their grades are as follows:
Grade “A
• Jhem’s Restaurant, Garapan
• Saipan Botanical Garden Restaurant, Papago
• Ocean Palace Shark’s Fin, As Denni
• LN Market, Chalan Kanoa
• Bianca Restaurant, San Jose
• Down Market & Butcher, Garapan
• Miro Beach Hotel Gift Shop, Garapan
• Star Best CafĂ©, Garapan
• Shimanokura Japanese Restaurant, Garapan
• LJ’s BBQ Stand, Dandan
• XO Market, Wholesale & Butcher, Gualo Rai
• DFS Saipan Retail, Airport
• DFS Saipan Refreshment & Bakery, Garapan
• Century Hotel Tribes Bar, Garapan
• Subway Restaurant, Garapan
• Mark Fastfood & BBQ, Susupe
• New Times Store, Garapan
• New Manna, San Vicente
• New Amiga Market, Sadog Tasi
• Pacific Saipan Wholesale, Gualo Rai
• Esy Kitchen Restaurant & Bar, Garapan
• Joe’s Bar & Grill, Garapan
• Diamond Chinese Restaurant, Garapan
• Genpro Wholesale, As Lito
• Kim’s Mini Mart, Tofu & Bean Spoutts Manufacture, San Jose
• Hafadai Deli Bakery, Garapan
• DJ Fish Mobile, Susupe
• Flame Store, San Antonio
Grade “B”
• Kazan Restaurant, Garapan
• J&N Mini Mart II, As Matuis
• Canton Restaurant, Garapan
Grade “C”
Establishments ordered close due to serious violations on health and sanitation standards and the rules and regulations:
• Crystal Water Manufacture, Papago *9/19/07
• AAX 939 (owner, Bolin Xue) illegal roadside vendor *11/01/07
• ABY 048 — illegal roadside vendor *11/05/07
• Jin Joo Restaurant, Chalan Kanoa *12/19/07
There may have been changes of these grades since this information was released.
For update, call the Bureau of Environmental Health at 664-4870 or fax 664-4871.

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