Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Artists' Holiday Sale — Dec. 1-2

Artists’ Holiday Sale ends on a high note

The proverbial muses took the day off as the artists came out for a two-day artists holiday sale at the Multi-Purpose Center in Susupe on December 1-2.

Homegrown artists along with those who relocated here from the United States, the Philippines, and China sold their various works of art in their respective booths.

According to coordinators Jeanne Rayphand and Katharyn Tuten Puckett, this is the third time they held an annual holiday sale by artists. This year, Rayphand and Tuten-Puckett said the sale was bigger involving close to 30 artists.

Some of the artists who participated this year were as follows: Jeanne Rayphand, Katharyn Tuten-Puckett, Gregg Elliott, Don Farrell, Ed Propst, Mike Tripp, Barry Wonenberg, Joe Weaver, Joe Race, Bob Coldeen, Marconi Calindas, Jacqueline Hernandez, Robert Hunter, Jill Arenovsky, Tokie Mojica, Mr. Bin of Saipan Treasure, Rino Obar, among others.

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