Monday, October 8, 2007

September Issue

For its September issue, Island Locator magazine brings you two personalities whose passion for their work that concerns the environment is worth emulating.

For our cover story, Island Locator follows Mike Tripp’s journeys—both underwater and across continents. A licensed pharmacist in Vancouver Canada, Tripp realized that dispensing prescription no longer excites him as much as diving does. He was torn in the beginning whether to give up a job that offers him financial stability or to work full time as a dive instructor, a job that is not as financially rewarding yet excites him no end. Ultimately, he chose exploring the underwater and has been a catalyst for promoting underwater world of Saipan through his DVD.

To complement Mike Tripp’s story, Island Locator is thankful for the captivating underwater photos of Marianas Eye Institute’s Dr. Mark Robertson. Dr. Robertson, who is also passionate about diving, provided never before seen snapshots of the underwater world of Saipan.

Having been on Saipan since 1995, Ken Kramer, Island Locator’s long-time columnist, is passionate about his work which is in the area of the natural resources. Since childhood, Kramer has always been happy when he is outdoors, engaging in sports activities or enjoying his favorite summer recreations. Looking forward to visiting Antartica in the future, Kramer has been to several countries across six continents where he worked in various capacities.

As September is prostate cancer month, Island Locator also would like to thank Dr. Jack Hardy for sharing with us his article on prostate cancer that dispels some myths about it.

Also, our indefatigable regular columnists Ken Kramer and Katie Busenkell share their thoughts on the environment and pet care.

Passion is what drives people to go great lengths in pursuit of a dream. So, if you, our readers, are at a fork in the road, thinking whether to follow your mind or your heart, choose one that will make you happy—however you define your own happiness.

Happy reading!

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