Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jacoulet Exhibit Ongoing

An exhibit of French-born painter Paul Jacoulet's paintings is still ongoing at the University of Guam's Isla Center. Art aficionados and collectors have until November 24 to see some of the rare Jacoulet collections and even perhaps help identify some of Jacoulet's subjects.

For those who are planning to visit the exhibit and are interested to know more about the artist may check our blog entry on Jacoulet. In IL Mag's August Issue, Dr. Don Rubinstein of the Micronesia Research Center at the University of Guam discussed Jacoulet's travels to the islands as well as his life as a French-born artist in Japan.

Recently, Island Locator has received requests from readers off island for copies of the magazine. We have readers as far as Seattle, Washington and as close as Guam who requested for copies of IL Magazine.

We welcome such requests and we encourage you our readers to also let us know what you think about the magazine. You may also send in your comments or suggestions via email.

For inquiries or requests, you may email us at islandlocator@yahoo.com. Alternatively, emails may also be sent to aleksea@yahoo.com.

If you, our readers, have articles about and photos of the Marianas that you would like us to publish, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly allocate enough room for you in the magazine.

Together, let us make IL Magazine a vehicle for us to promote what is good and beautiful about our islands.

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