Thursday, October 25, 2007

Elite Printing Saipan turns 15

This month, the island's leading printing company is celebrating its 15 years in the business. Having started from scratch on island, Elite Printing is now a name to be reckoned with when it comes to printing.

Given an uphill struggle with market forces and the onslaught of competition, Elite Printing banked on its hardworking staff, astute management decisions, and reliable printing setup to coast through.

For 15 years, Elite Printing invested heavily not only on human resources but it risked huge capital on equipment and printing machines that will keep it at the forefront of the printing industry in the region.

It cannot be denied that Elite Printing has already achieved that status—frontrunner of the industry. With its state-of-the-art machines coupled with the management’s business acumen, Elite Printing remains strong as ever.

Fifteen years into the business, Elite Printing never entertained the thought of slowing down. Its expansion activities on island had its rippling effect on its other branches as well.

As satisfying its customers has been its priority from the very beginning, the company never ceases to look for ways to raise the quality of the services it offers.

Recently, with the combined use of its Heidelberg Speed master 4-color and 5-color machines, Elite Printing has the unmatched capability to provide whatever printing needs of the customers.

Beefing up its printing capability from time to time, Elite Printing continues to raise the bar. Just as it added more machines and other printing equipment on island, it also did so in its other branches in order to meet its customers’ varying needs. In 2006, two Heidlberg-Sork machines as well as an image-setter were also added to the huge inventory of printing machines of the branch.

And Elite Printing is no longer just a printing company. It has now expanded into other allied businesses as well.

In 2004, LJR1 Enterprises was established with the objective of diversifying the products and services that it offers.

Now that it has become the leading printing company on island, Elite Printing does not see itself alone at the top. It wants to help the other printing companies by providing them printing supplies so they can lower costs and help each other survive the crisis currently crippling the economy.

Not only does Elite try to keep a symbiotic relationship with the other printing companies on island, it also dared to make a difference in the island community by publishing a noteworthy cultural and lifestyle magazine that showcases the best and the positive things about island life. With an engaging layout and interesting articles, the magazine dares to provide readers with a free magazine that not only informs but also encourages readers to be better members of the community.

Although Island Locator has been in circulation for more than a decade, it was only this year that the company decided to change the format to accommodate articles that make readers appreciate the interplay of varied cultures on island. In a way, Elite Printing’s IL Mag serves as a vehicle by which the company can give something in return to the island community that has been nurturing it for the past 15 years.

Along with the expansion of the branches, addition of machines, and introduction of new products and services come the beefing up of its workforce. From a lean team that put up the branch in 1992, Elite Printing-Saipan has now grown into a company of 60 people.

Despite the economic crisis compounded by the uncertainty of the proposed federalization of labor and immigration, Elite Printing is still standing, resiliently facing the challenges that lie ahead.

Although Elite has reached an enviable status in the industry, it does not see itself as satisfied with its achievements. Elite Printing will continue to work hard and slake its customers’ thirst for quality printing.

For Elite, its best isn’t good enough as it endeavors to keep getting better and bigger in the years to come.

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